Amplifiers & Pre-Amplifiers

ZOE Pre-Amplifier


Unit description:

Stereo tube line level preamplifier with 5 inputs,  2 main outputs,  passive volume out, tape out, h.t.d.. output module

Tube active circuit:

 on series:  6922

 SATC circuit: 6H30II / 12AT7 / 12AU7 / 6CG7 / 12BH7

Frequency response:

20 - 50.000  Hz  +/- 1 db

THD distorsion:

Less  of  0.1 %

Input sensibility and gain:

200  mV /  20  db gain  /  50 kohm input

Output voltage and impedance:

20  Volt  @  250 ohm


Remote control handset, cherry wood veenerede side panels

Power supply main:

100V / 120V / 230V  ac  70 V / A (factory set)

Dimension, weight (net):

400 (L) x 110 (H) x 300 (D) Kg.10 net

VM 200 Hybrid Power Amplifier


Unit description:

Stereo Hybrid power amplifier

Tube active circuit:

 PCL-86 / 14 GW 8   (2 tubes)

Frequency response:

20 - 500.000  Hz  +/- 1 db

THD distorsion:

Less  of  0.1 %

Input sensibility and gain:

1 V /  100 kohm input

Output power:

100 Watt RMS on 8 ohm / 150 Watt RMS on 4 ohm


 cherry wood veenerede side panels

Power supply main:

100V / 120V / 230V  ac      500 V / A (factory set)

Dimension, weight (net):

400 (L) x 110 (H) x 400 (D) Kg.20 net



CD Player

When the perfect mechanical solution join original electronic design born a superior cd player class A product.

  • several original mechanical solution are adopted as proprietary (internal Lector factory made) read out laser mechanism and special made brass pillar suspension
  • separate power supply with indipendent section mains AC power switch ON/OFF (digital/analog) three power toroidal hi-flux transformers 
  • exclusive CD disc clamp with two axis stabilization effect by special neodinium magnet 
  • sophisticated selection off DAC type dual mono PCM-1704 BB 24 bit with indipendent  board pcb for real jitter reduction
  • NO any type of  feedback total or local circuity can control the analog stage, a original circuit design drive and control  the gain of the first tube stage ( chatode direct drive coupling )
  • passive dithering circuit increase real bit resolution near to the barrier of 24 bit  ( Lector invented this original circuit design)
  • custom made CD mechanism with three isolated plate stages and vibration system discharge control spindle
  • original proprietary servo digital board with new technology solution design ( we don't use the kit electronic board )

The circuity of power supply employ 14 regulation stages , only one capacitor on signal path as film & foil custom made, special material chassis by aerospace alluminium die-cast. The output tube triode circuity is in class A with only one passive first order filter so do not have indesiderate rotative signal phase.

The CD mechanism have two different solution of  mechanical damping:

  • the first by special damping rubber in neoprene
  • the second by lattice-rubber as similar solution adopted in analog turntable.

A original magnetic clamp system give more stability to the rotation the CD disc so to have the double stabilization on two axis: orizzontal and vertical.


C O N V E N I E N  C E    A N D    P E R F O R M A N C E

  • Separate power supply box with two indipendent switch for analog section and digital section model PSU-3T
  • Original Remote Control Handset with most important function
  • Hi stability disc rotation insensible to external shock
  • Two axis stabilization neodinium magnetic clamp
  • Cherry natural wood veneering brackets for reduce cover resonance (on series)
  • Black solid plexiglass brackets (optional alternative to cherry wood)
  • RED satin wood brackets (optional alternative to cherry wood)


Type Top Loading CD player tube analog
Digital section 24  bit PCM-1704 dual mono oversampling by DSP and NO data L/R shift phase
S/N ratio 105 db
Distorsion 0.1% THD or better
Frequency response 20-20khz (with gently slope filter)
Output impedance 150 ohm 3.0 volts rms (2.5 Volt min)
The output voltage is measured  at  0 db test cd disk
The music cd disk have output rathed at 200-500 mV so the CDP-7 can interface ANY preamplifier or amplifier without NO input saturation
Power supply 220-240-120-100 vac (separate box model  PSU 3)
Dimension CDP 7T 400x115x300 (lxhxp)
Dimension PSU 3T 225x85x300 (lxhxp)
Weight net CDP7T= 12 kg
PSU3T= 3 kg

Phone Stages

C O N V E N I E N C E    and   O P T I O N A L

  • Cherry wood veenerede for lateral side panels (optional)
  • Low noise selected tubes as  12AT7 (3 unit as series)
  • Hi-shielded metal frame chassis
  • Hi-quality toroidal power supply transformer
  • Cathode opto circuit for 12AT7 riaa moving magnet
  • Black ash "piano finish" plexiglass front panel as 8 mm tickness
  • passive riaa equalization by precision components


(all measure by Audio Precision System One @ 230 V ac)


MM all tube step-up preamplifier by 12AT7


MM at 47 Kohm  100 pF


47 db (Mm)

Frequency Response

20 - 50Khz      +/- 0.3 db

Noise ratio

69 db ( A )

Output Impedance

290 ohm

Voltage available

Power supply  @: 230-240 Vac / 110-120 Vac / 100V ac all voltage at 50 - 60 Hz
Overall Dimension and weight

400 x 85 x 300 (L x H x D mm) for main unit weight  9 Kg  net





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